In Washington State, a DUI/DWI/Physical Control conviction
can result in mandatory jail time, probation, fines, classes,
license suspensions, and more.  If you are facing a DUI
charge, the outcome of your case and the severity of the
punishments you face will depend on the specific
circumstances in your case and whether your have any prior
arrest/convictions for DUI.

I am a criminal defense attorney and I have repr
clients charged with DUI in courtrooms throughout Western
Washington State.  I will handle each aspect of your case and
will put my experience to work towards achieving the best
possible outcome possible.

If arrested for DUI/DWI/Physical Control, speak with an
attorney as soon as possible.  There are time limits that may
restrict your ability to request a hearing to contest the
suspension of your driver's license.  In addition, you may not
be immediately ar
rested or charged and there may be actions
beneficial to your case that your attorney can assist you in
discovering, m
aintaining, and preparing.  

Documenting the facts of your case, the circumstances of
your arrest, the administration of the field sobriety tests and
breath or blood tests can help f
ormulate a future defense to
the pending charges.

In every DUI case, I will seek to negotiate either a dismissal

of or a reduction of the original DUI charge whenever this
is possible.  
This involves challenging the results of your breath/blood
tests and the circumstanc
es of your arrest.  
If there were problems with the field sobriety testing or
breath/blood testing, there is a better chance of having
evidence suppressed and yo
ur case dismissed
or the charges reduced.  

It is also important to really understand why the office came
into contact with you in the first place.  Why were you
stopped?  What did he/she see?  As your lawyer, rest assured
that I will go through every step of the arrest and investigation
to determine the legality of the stop and detention.  

A DUI/DWI/Physical Control charge is a complex process

that is nearly impossible to legally explore without
experience and training.  My criminal defense practice
offers the knowledge, experience, and commitment you
need to help you successfully pursue the best possible
outcome in your case.  

I will lobby the government and the court on your behalf for as
long as it takes to reach our goals.