I got a traffic ticket. Now what?

Generally, a driver has three options when they receive a notice of infraction:

1. Pay the ticket

2. Request a reduced fine through Mitigation

3. Request a Contested Hearing to fight the ticket

If the driver wants to fight the ticket, hiring an attorney with experience fighting traffic tickets can provide a significant advantage.


The court with jurisdiction over the officer that issued the notice of infraction requires a response to the notice within 15 days of the issue date. Payment can usually be made in person at the applicable court, by mail, by telephone, and often online. Paying the ticket is an admission that the driver committed the violation. It will then be a part of the person's driving record and likely have a negative effect on his/her insurance rates. Payment must be made within the 15 day period or the Court may report the Failure to Respond to the Department of Licensing and issue a possible license suspension.


While a driver may not dispute that he or she committed the alleged defense, he or she might have experienced exceptional circumstances at the time of the defense that justify reduction of the original fine. This process also requires a response to the Court within the 15-day period. The mitigating information will then be provided to the Judge either in person or sometimes by mail. The Judge will then either reduce or keep the original fine in place.


Request a "Contested Hearing" within 15 days of the date you received the ticket if you did not commit the defense or want the chance to keep it off your driving record.

We can help you accomplish that goal. Traffic tickets can be dismissed for a variety of legal and factual issues. Our office has assisted clients with hundreds of tickets over the years and we are fully aware of the legal requirements police, the prosecutor, and the court must follow when filing a case. We know what evidence is required and what will be considered insufficient to prove the case. Most important, we know that every case is different and that each court, each Judge, and each prosecutor's office handles tickets in a different manner. Keeping the ticket off your record requires experience and skill in maneuvering through these different court systems.

Another advantage of hiring an experienced attorney to handle your traffic ticket is that most court do not requirement the defendant to be present in court if they have an attorney. This save you the time and expense of having to appear in court on 1-3 occasions, depending on the type of case.